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Welcome to my mp3 site. It contains links to all of the music that I have recorded and put online as mp3s.

You Are My Audience

I no longer have the ability to perform in public as I have aquired a form of environmental illness (one of the many illnesses that are the result of the poisoning of our planet). It is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. What this means is petrochemicals and various synthetic substances make me very ill. Most people have no idea what is inside their common household products. At any rate, I can no longer work. Even going to the store makes me ill for several days, so playing in public venues is impossible.

Musical Styles

I write music in a lot of different styles. Some of the pieces are instrumental music like "New Age", "Ambient", "Psybient" "Jazz" or "Classical". Some of them are songs (with lyrics) in everything from "folk music" and "folk-rock" to "Gothic" and "Pagan" music.

Technical Notes

Every recording here (aside from a few older demos) was done with a G4 mac (OS 9.2) running "Delta Logic", and an old Yamaha"TG-33", which generates the vast majority of the sound (aside from a few samples). I use a small Berenger mixer as well. All of the vocals are my voice and and there is no electronic vocal processing unit used. I use only the reverb generated by a VST plug-in.

I desperatly want a better setup, with a vocal processor, a good electric guitar, a guitar effects box, and a verion of "Logic" that will let me use VTS instruments. For now this will do although my compositions are limited heavily by my equipment. I have humdreds of songs that I wish I could share with you.

Mp3 Links

Here are the links to the files. I write music in a lot of different styles. Some of the recordings are slightly rougher than I eventually want them. and as I fix them up they will become available. A few of the pieces of music are available as sheet music in PDF format as well.

You will probably notice that the mp3 links are repeated in different sections. That is because some pieces of music are parts of albums. Other pieces fall into more than one genre. I thought it should be easier for people to find the kind of music that they enjouy if I just repeated the links

***remember!!!  To download these files and save them you need to "right click" the link and save the file to disk. If you just click the link normally, your browser will try and play the mp3 file. So unless you really want to play the mp3 (some are rather large) you should probably "right click" the links.


All of these pieces of music are "Earth Oriented" in some significant way. The styles vary a great deal. Some are strongly tied to old and/or neo-pagan religious practices.

Track NameTimeSizeSheet
Hear Diana  4:32 4,264K Get Sheet Music
Quarters Call We  4:504,542K
Womb of Mother  4:17 4,020K Get Sheet Music

 Where Rivers Run Slow (Album) 

Where Rivers Run Slow is an older "New Age"album that I wrote back in 1992-93. The music is a purpose-written themed progression designed for use in meditation, yoga, or other contexts where one wishes to regulate the heart-rate and breathing to a slow and even pace, conducive to creating an alpha state in one's brainwaves. The soundscape is one of progressing across water, through a cave, into a temple, and beyond.

The music, throughout, is highly effective in regulating the heartrate to 60 beats per minute, and breathing to 12 breaths per minute, the rates of a body at rest, and recommended for meditation and meditative activities. At the time I wrote this, my wife and I were studying yoga in a class together, and she was also undergoing yoga-based physical therapy; I wanted to create music which would help us achieve the body state most conducive to benefitting from this practise.

I succeeded better than I expected: I have given copies of this album to various people over the years, from chiropractors and new age bookstores to the birthing suite where my daughter was born (using Bradley method natural childbirth, throughout which my wife appeared asleep, while listening to this album on continuous play). All have found it very useful in their practise.

However, one friend to whom I gave this album came back to me with a warning -- it seems she'd been listening to it in the car on her commute home (to destress during rush-hour traffic), and she'd missed her exit, and the three exits after it, due to being so "zoned out" on the music. From that time forward, I began putting warning labels on the album, taken from my wife's old prescription bottles:

Warning: may cause drowsiness. Alcohol may increase this effect. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence.
Some thought it was funny when they first saw it, but everyone seemed to agree with the labels after listening to the album.

To this day, my wife and I listen to this album every night, to help us fall asleep. It's far more effective than many mild sedatives, and non-addictive! :)

Track # Track NameTimeSize
 1   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 1  2:162,129K
 2   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 2  3:123,003K
 3   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 3  1:531,777K
 4   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 4  2:132,089K
 5   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 5  1:441,629K
 6   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 6  1:381,542K
 7   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 7  3:343,347K
 8   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 8  0:34535K
 9   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 9  1:431,613K
 10   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 10  0:51800K
 11   Temple of the Ancients : Movement 11  2:262,285K
 12   Through the Cave : Movement 1  2:292,331K
 13   Through the Cave : Movement 2  1:181,222K
 14   Through the Cave : Movement 3  4:043,816K
 15   Through the Cave : Movement 4  3:233,189K
 16   Through the Cave : Movement 5  5:405,316K
 17   Through the Cave : Movement 6  5:305,160K

 Native Sun (Album) 

Native Sun is an older "New Age"album that I wrote back in 1996. The music is all about various sun deities, done in a variety of styles. "Ra" is a three movement classical piece evoking the Egyptian god of the sun, while the three movement "Amaturasi Omikami" has three movments about the story of the Japanese Goddess of Rice as Japan went from Chaos to old "Nippon" and then to the modern "Goddess of Glass". It would be considered "Ambient or Psybient" by many people today.  I really like some of the tracks (especially Goddess of Glass) although I personally prefer my newer stuff (I nearly always do).

Track # Track NameTimeSize
 1   Copan - movement one- Journey  3:273,238K
 2   Copan - movement two - The City  2:362,447K
 3   Copan - movement three - The Temple  2:452,586K
 4   Copan - movement four - Journey Home  2:572,771K
 5   Lugh - movement one  4:174,031K
 6   Lugh - movement two  6:055,714K
 7   Ra - movement one - Sunrise  4:264,158K
 8   Ra - Movement 2 - Noon  3:403,439K
 9   Ra - Movement 3 - Sunset  4:374,338K
 10   Amaterasu Omikami- movement one - Out of Chaos  2:142,097K
 11   Amaterasu Omikami- movement one - Nippon  2:522,690K
 12   Amaterasu Omikami- movement two - Goddess of Glass  4:264,158K

 Ambient / New Age 

The line between "Ambient" and "New Age" music is blury at best. Many of the first "New Age" musicians (such as Ray Lynch - "Deep Breakfast") are now categorized as "Ambient". So, I've lumped all the singles that apply to either category in this list. The Album "Native Sun" may also be of interest to you.

Track NameTimeSize
Dolphin Dreams  7:567,450K
Dreams of the Harper  7:106,722K
Inca  7:026,602K
Powder  8:047,547K
River Festival  8:045,783K
Turn On  8:157,743K

 Easy Listening 

Here is the mellow music.

Track NameTimeSizeSheet
Ever On and On  3306K3:31 Get Sheet Music


All of these pieces of music are rather dark in their lyrics.

Track NameTimeSizeSheet
Womb of Mother  4:17 4,020K Get Sheet Music
Food For Worms  4:17 4,020K  


"Alternative" is a bit odd for a genre (I think) but here are the alternative tracks.

Track NameTimeSize
Man Behind the Curtain  4:003,763K


Here are the more "Psybient" tracks in the "Ambient" "genre."

Track NameTimeSize
City Scape  5:225,040K
Turn On  8:157,743K
Journey Through The Spheres  7:256,966K


There isn't much in this section yet, but I expect it will grow over time.

Track NameTimeSize
Something New  5:074,806K

 Electronic Classical 

These pieces are all electronic classical. They tend to do well as ritual music.

Track NameTimeSize
Ra - Movement 1 - Dawn  4:264,158K
Ra - Movement 2 - Noon  3:403,439K
Ra - Movement 3 - Sunset  4:374,338K

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